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Doing ELC Roofing’s SEO campaign

Doing ELC Roofing’s SEO campaign

Aug 12, 2021 Reports by Danielle

Report: ELC Roofing’s SEO campaign

For the past three years, we have been providing ELC Roofing with our SEO campaigns that allowed them to improve their current position in the construction sector.

ELC Roofing provides various roofing services across the South East of England and cover areas such as Cambridge, London, Surrey, Essex and Kent.

We saw a lot of potential with ELC Roofing as their zinc roof services are not common amongst many companies in the construction industry.

Since we started working with them, the company have noticed an overall increase in traffic for their ‘zinc roof‘ content by 50% and also an increase in their queries.

What we did

ELC Roofing approached us wanting an SEO campaign that was focused on their zinc roof services page.

We provided ELC Roofing with an SEO campaign that originally lasted for six months that was focused on ensuring their zinc roof service page
ranked high for specific keywords.

By providing them with an SEO audit and changing their content to adapt to the keywords, they have seen more success amongst their zinc roof campaigns and increased their number of traffic, visitors and engagement. 

What were the results?

When the campaign was running for three months, we noticed that ELC Roofing was experiencing many benefits:

  • 120% increase in new visitors
  • The average time spent on site increased from 2:08 to 6:32
  • 64% of first-time visitors came back to the website within a two-week time frame
  • The number of sales enquiries increased by 49% within the first three months

How do we continue to support the brand?

When ELC Roofing created a new website that was dedicated only to their zinc roof services, we provided them with a similar SEO campaign that delivered similar results that provided them with the same traffic and engagement.

We also review their SEO campaigns every 8 weeks to identify:

  • How well the keywords are doing
  • If any new keywords should be used
  • The number of minutes people are spending on the website
  • The amount of people making enquiries after the first month of visiting the website

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