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About us

We are a marketing and media company based in London.

We work with social media, marketing strategy, SEO and public relations to provide businesses with solutions about how to better market themselves.

Social media offers our customers the opportunity to engage with their customers and support their marketing and SEO goals.

B2C interaction is greater than ever before, as client service, reviews and promotions are being made better by social media. Through online media our clients are capable of publishing positive information about their business and their services, get in touch with customers instantly, accrue customer feedback and watch buzz surrounding their brand.

Facebook currently has 600 million users, of which over 40% log in every day. Twitter has just under 290 million users and YouTube has getting on for 14 million hours of video uploaded each year, making social media an unmissable resource for any company. There are many goals which customers have in mind when choosing to use social media in their social media strategy. However, there are certain aims we will always try to meet with our social media consultancy.

Increase brand exposure and consciousness:

  • Make brand better
  • Complement the existing SEO strategy
  • Increase website hyperlinks
  • Improve social media going into website
  • Make traffic better, both on website and offline (if relevant)
  • Improve client service

We utilise a broad range services including:

  • Situational judgment
  • Competitor research
  • Strategy crafting and advice
  • Implementation advice
  • Software/feature recommendations
  • Social media crafting
  • Online integration
  • Branding
  • Twitter management
  • Community watching
  • Reputation
  • Weekly and Daily Reporting