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Who are we?


We are here to rediscover the lost art of creating work that commands addiction.

All our work (masterpieces – as we like to call them!) is driven by passion before anything else. We absolutely love our name because it not only sums us up, it’s addictive and it works!

We love creativity

Our primary aim is to work with people who appreciate creativity. We are just being something that every creative company ought to be – creative.

Listen, listen, listen, talk

Our patience knows no bounds. We let you do all the talking you like. It’s amazing how often the key idea comes from the client brief itself. We get to the core of your business, understand your needs and preferences, and then start talking; actually we don’t talk even then, it’s our work that does the talking.

Everyone is creative

Creativity can come from anywhere or anyone. Our eyes and ears are always open for creative input. There are regular sessions of creative brainstorming where everyone from the designer to finance head is given a level playing field. The basic spark can come from any corner and that’s all we need to make a raging fire out of it.

Work / Fun

We are not going to harp on about the importance of balancing work and fun in life. Our philosophy is a little different; we like to make our work fun in itself. This way you have the best of both worlds. Day to day challenges like the banter between designers and copywriters as to who does a better job raises the creativity levels.

Better never than late

Unlike our industry norms, we give delivery schedules their due importance. Work delivered late is as good as undelivered. One of main reasons why we are able to keep the time commitments is that we never bite off more than we can chew. At any given time, you will find us working on a manageable number of projects only.

Sing when you are winning

There is always a party after we successfully launch a project (most often client sponsored!). Everyone is given the time to refuel their creative juices before we move on the next masterpiece. The only flipside is that the increasing count of parties per month is starting to show around our waists, but nobody’s complaining!