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When Metaverse Meets Dental Treatment

When Metaverse Meets Dental Treatment

clear Invisalign aligners

Popular dental treatment Invisalign launches on worldwide video game Roblox 

When it comes to marketing, especially in the Metaverse, awareness is what matters most.

In 2023, Invisalign, a producer of invisible dental aligners, made the unimaginable crossover on the popular video game ‘Roblox’. It is said that marketers who believe in an influence-driven approach on platforms such as ‘Roblox’ are deemed harder to measure ROI.

However, Roblox’s vision was to help Invisalign build brand awareness among a younger demographic. One source says: “over 82% of children aged 12 and up are believed to have played video games in 2022

The chief marketer at Invisalign, Raj Pudipeddi, states “Our intent is to create great, immersive experiences that will eventually translate to consideration, interest and closure

Marketing for kids?

Yes, you heard that right!

Typically, Invisalign markets its clean aligners to an older demographic, doing so, they want to make old/invasive braces a thing of the past for younger people. 

70% of orthodontics wearers have wires and brackets.

Braces that are invisible make a significant difference to your smile and sound a lot more attractive than traditional metal alternatives.

Ultimately, Invisalign is now aiming its devices at younger demographics. See here for one of Invisalign’s top-ranking dentists.

Has it been a success?

Since its launch, more than 2.3 million users have interacted with the Invisalign space on Roblox.

That’s a lot of numbers!

Pudipeddi claims the campaign to be more of an “experiment“.

Going forward, Invisalign is relying on strong messaging and creating connections with consumers.

person gaming on computer

A new era of marketing?

Given the success of Invisalign’s marketing campaign on the metaverse, it has opened many doors for other businesses to try themselves.

Check out some of the top businesses involved in the metaverse. Here.

Many companies, like Invisalign, have heavily invested in creating their own virtual marking campaigns.

Some of the top businesses using Meta:

  • Facebook
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • Google

The Metaverse is said to be worth more than £100 billion, although we may still be in the early developments of Meta, the results don’t lie.

It is an extremely effective approach to marketing as you are almost guaranteed millions upon millions of eyes drawn to your business.